Radiation Risk Assessment Tool - Lifetime Cancer Risk from Ionizing Radiation


4.2 Upgrade (January 2020)

Website Maintenance
  • Updated underlying website frameworks. No changes were made to calculations.
  • Site made responsive across all devices.

4.1.1 (September 2015)

Population Baseline
  • The lifetime risk is calculated using baseline cancer incidence rates and corresponding survival functions.

3.7.2 (March 2015)

Analytica Software Upgrade
  • RadRAT was upgraded to Analytica/ADE version 4.5.
  • A small undesirable bias was discovered in the random shuffling algorithm for Analytica/ADE version 4.2. The bias is extremely small at large sample size, but can become significant at sample sizes under 10. As a consequence, this update could cause relatively insignificant changes to results when compared to previous versions.

3.7.1 (August 2013)

Exposure Information
  • "Constant" distribution type renamed to "Fixed Value".
  • Organ dose units for exposures are user selectable.
Summary Report
  • Revised reporting for very small doses.
  • Report 'Current Year' in footer of future risk sections.

3.7 (June 2012)

Public Release
Website Redesign
The RadRAT site was redesigned to improve usability and to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Other changes include:
  • Input forms now present all input parameters on a single page and input validation is improved.
RadRAT website was transferred to a new datacenter and is now secured with HTTPS encryption.