Radiation Risk Assessment Tool - Lifetime Cancer Risk from Ionizing Radiation

RadRAT 4.1.1 (Sept/2015)

Population Baseline
  • The lifetime risk is calculated using baseline cancer incidence rates and corresponding survival functions.

RadRAT 3.7.2 (03/2015)

Analytica Software Upgrade
  • RadRAT was upgraded to Analytica/ADE version 4.5.
  • A small undesirable bias was discovered in the random shuffling algorithm for Analytica/ADE version 4.2. The bias is extremely small at large sample size, but can become significant at sample sizes under 10. As a consequence, this update could cause relatively insignificant changes to results when compared to previous versions.

RadRAT 3.7.1 (08/2013)

Exposure Information
  • "Constant" distribution type renamed to "Fixed Value".
  • Organ dose units for exposures are user selectable.
Summary Report
  • Revised reporting for very small doses.
  • Report 'Current Year' in footer of future risk sections.

RadRAT 3.7 (06/2012)

Public Release
Website Redesign
The RadRAT site was redesigned to improve usability and to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Other changes include:
  • Input forms now present all input parameters on a single page and input validation is improved.
RadRAT website was transferred to a new datacenter and is now secured with HTTPS encryption.