Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program - Probability of Cancer Causation from Radiation

Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program Information - Version 5.7.1

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Radon Exposure Information

Radon exposure, entered as Working Level Months (WLM), can be a point estimate or probability distribution.

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Enter Dose Exposure Information

Dose entry can be either a single point value, or a probability distribution.

No. Exposure Year Exposure Rate Radiation Type Help Organ Dose (cSv) Help Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Delete Action
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These settings allows the user to control two sampling parameters, sample size and the random seed for sampling.


The User Defined Uncertainty Distribution can be adjusted to account for the presence of additional uncertainty and bias correction not presently included in IREP.

The default setting, a lognormal distribution (GM=1, GSD=1), has no effect on the calculation. Changing the default settings should only be done after sufficient justification accompanied by a written rationale.


Optional results to include in report: