Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program - Probability of Cancer Causation from Radiation

Equation to Estimate Excess Relative Risk (ERR) from Exposures to Radon

The risk from exposure to radon derived from uranium miners data is calculated as:

ERR = alpha x WLM^0.8194

The coefficient alpha decreases with age at diagnosis (AAD) for 44 < AAD < 76 and time since last exposure (TSLE) for 4 < TSLE < 26. Outside these limits, alpha is constant and equal to the alpha at the respective limit.

WLM is the total number of working level months from exposure to radon (total exposure). The user provides exposure on an annual basis. The total exposure is obtained by summing all annual exposures. The effect of latency for lung cancer induction is taken into account by correcting the exposures within 14 years from the date of diagnosis.